Monthly Archives: August 2011

Social Media Apprenticeship

September – the start of a new academic year – is always busy for us,  but especially so this year as we are introducing a really exciting new course, and we can’t wait for it to get under way.

Our Social Media Apprenticeship is going to offer 16 to 19-year-olds the chance to work for an employer, handling their social media output.

This will mean actively promoting the business through things like writing blog posts, updating Facebook, tweeting, and whatever other on-line promotion the business would benefit from.

It will allow young people the chance to utilise skills in an area they will already be familiar with and adept in, whilst giving businesses the opportunity to make the most of social media, and really raise their business profile.

The learners will also receive training and mentoring  a day a month from marketing, PR and journalism professionals.

Passionate Media, who are based in Bridgtown, have devised and will be delivering these training modules.  We are also really grateful to the company for their help in introducing our learners to businesses interested in taking them on.

We are hosting an event at the Roman Way Hotel in Cannock between 12-2pm on September 20, which will be a chance for companies to come along and meet our learners, and find out more about the apprenticeship.

So, it’s certainly a busy time, but it’s pretty exhilarating too.

We’ll be keeping you updated on how the learners get on, what companies think about the scheme, and any new developments with the apprenticeship programme.