Monthly Archives: July 2012

Meet our apprentices …

Introducing Rebecca Clifford, who is currently being put through her paces on our Social Media Marketing Apprenticeship induction.  We’ll let her tell you a bit more about that ..

Hi. I am an ambitious 18-year-old trapped in Hednesford who hopes one day to call New York City home (I’ve visited twice and immediately fell in love with the Big Apple).

I am a very passionate person, whose main love is singing.  I’ve had hours of lessons from a young age, and have already achieved many things, including performing at the NEC.

I believe in living every day like there is no tomorrow,  and have many things I want to do – such as travelling to every continent (I’m already saving…)

I love my music, everything from Arctic monkeys to The Wombats and Olly Murs. Confession – I’m a major Gleek! I love Glee – the music and the show – there, I’ve said it and I’m proud!

As for a career, I am currently undertaking a social media marketing apprenticeship, and want to work in marketing and advertising in the future.

Ideally, I’d love to work on a magazine, eventually in New York. Aim high!

I’m hoping the apprenticeship will teach me how to write in a way that people understand and want to read, and help build my confidence in my own work.

I also find the marketing side really interesting, learning about how to appeal to a large variety of people.

That’s me in a nutshell. Stay Classy.

Thanks Becky, we’ll look forward to hearing more from you as you go through your apprenticeship. And who knows, one day, we may be reading your work in the pages of glossy mags!