Abbie’s thoughts on the course!

When I was in school, I always loved my media lessons and my dream job was to be a Journalist until I moved into year 11 due to someone telling me not to bother. From then on, I gave up thinking about it and moved onto a completely new career choice (Hairdressing). I never wanted to be a Hairdresser; it was just something to fall back on. I was good at Hairdressing but after a year of doing it, I began to get quite bored with it. I used to feel like something was missing from my life and that I wasn’t using my skills to my advantage.
My lucky day was when I had a phone call from connections about SSC Learning. They explained the course to me and I remember thinking “Why not, I’ve got nothing to lose.” Since then it was the best decision I had ever made!
I get to do all the things I loved doing while I was at school but with a twist. I get to update social media platforms and monitor the progress of each page. I feel very rewarded when I see the statistics going up. From being with SSC Learning, I have uncovered a new interest. I now love networking!