I’ve been waiting for this day for ages

…and its finally arrived.

1:26pm, I’m back at my desk after a trip outside for promotional photographs with our first ten Social Media Apprenticeship learners.

It’s hard to describe how I’m feeling right now.

The Social media programme is no longer a concept. We now have a group of young people on board with fantastic energy, and it is such a rush to see that group dynamic take on a life of its own.

Surprising how emotional it makes me feel!

The programme began yesterday with  a two hour induction;  a little uninspiring content-wise but an essential first step to any funded programme, however the true spiritual start to this programme occurred at 9:30am with the opening  session  ‘ Introduction to Social Media’.

Within thirty minutes, our small group of strangers were ‘as thick as thieves’.  Smiles became contagious, jokes emerged, characters blended and bonded, those quieter members  began to speak up more; and they all began to act as we’d hoped they would…

As a team.

Whatever these young people invest in this programme, they’ll get it back in spade-loads. By the time we meet potential employers at our event at the Roman Way Hotel in Cannock  next Tuesday lunchtime; they’ll feel like superstars.

  • lauren whitehouse

    i feel quite proud after reading this thank you! :)