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NUS Apprentice Extra

Just like any other student, apprentices can get student discounts from over 120 online and high street retailers, helping you save on; music, gaming, food and drink, fashion, travel, sports, technology and more.

The NUS apprentice extra card allows apprentices to get discounts from stores which can help you buy things you need for studying or travelling to work and back such as; Apple, Amazon, 16-25 Railcard, Ryman and Staples.

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Recruitment Qualifications : Your Business – Your Choice.

Whatever your role in Recruitment, edo have just the thing for you in terms of accredited qualifications.

Whether you’re researcher and resourcer using Social Media and digital marketing within your role, through to a recruiter performing a 360 degree recruitment sales function, we are able to tailor the course framework to enable you to develop your knowledge within your role and gain the most appropriate knowledge from your qualification.

With current accreditation for Marketing, Sales, Management, Recruitment and Team Leading the incorporation of staff’s skills across your Recruitment agency can be catered for through a combination of the qualifications that we have to offer.

Why not call us to discover exactly what we can do for you and your business? Our in-house Recruitment experts are on hand to advise your staff of the opportunities and development that our tailored qualifications can do for you both individually and the opportunity for progression as a team.

We pride ourselves on being a flexible training provider with qualifications to suit the needs of the individual. We’re not called Enabling Development Opportunities for nothing – we’re here to ensure that your career progression is efficient and effective providing the most direct pathways to the outcomes that you desire.

Edo are a preferred provider of  apprenticeships for the IOR (Institute of Recruiters) and one of our Directors is on the IOR’s  Ask the Expert panel, as well as being an External Verifier for the first Awarding body to offer the Recruitment qualifications – Skillsfirst Awards.

You can have confidence that, by entrusting edo with your recruitment qualifications your working with experts in the field, not just another training provider adding the subject to their repertoire..

Regardless of your Recruitment sector or position, here at edo, we provide the opportunity for you to obtain the greatest potential from the entirety of the Recruitment framework. Whatever your position within the business, if you are looking to expand your knowledge of the sector, or seeking an accredited and certificated qualification to uphold your occupational competence we are here to help.

Edo…we do quite like it…do you?

edo logo

We have been rather quiet on the blog front of late. Nevertheless, there’s a good excuse behind all of this – we have rebranded and moved into new business sectors! With the rebrand came a great new name – Enabling Development Opportunities which is shortened to edo…because we do!

We are still the same friendly team, with the same attitude to our work – but we’re reaching out to extend the knowledge of others across the career sectors.

The rebrand has enabled us to move forward as we have expanded through the sectors and we are beginning to set our sights on the progression of the commercial side of the business. With the introduction of the brand new recruitment qualification, as well as the expansion of the business administration, ICT, marketing and sales qualifications, we are able to provide a larger enhancement to the businesses that we are working with currently, as well as providing new services to new businesses.

We are currently arranging a networking event to celebrate the relaunch of the company – and would love for you to get in touch to discover more about our development opportunities. If you’re an individual looking to start a new career, or looking to progress within your current role; we may just be able to help you. Take a look at our website for more information regarding the courses that we run, the funding that is available and even how to set yourself up with an educational loan.

Whether you’re a business, a partner, a jobseeker, a young person set to climb the career ladder, or just want to know more about us, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01543 458580 - we’re always happy to answer your questions!

If you know us well already, then we would love for you to leave us a short testimonial on our website, to tell others why you think that they should choose edo.


Careers in Social Care: The Challenges vs The Rewards.

Choosing a career in Social Care takes thought and consideration for the challenges that arise within the industry, then balancing these factors with the rewards and opportunities that are available. It is then down to whether the applicant is willing to allow the opportunities and rewards of the role outweigh the challenges that are to be faced. There are positive and negative aspects to all career paths, but the Social Care Sector takes consideration before entering. It is often said that employees within the industry are to be a certain type of person.

To succeed, the appropriate mindset should be addressed; to prepare the staff members to take on the tasks and challenges ahead; both physically and emotionally. Working within care, you have to bare in mind that each decision or action made will have colossal consequences and effect on your patient; and that within the career, your foundation is to save lives and heal those that are wounded both mentally and physically and sick. A positive outlook is required to keep spirits high and for relationships and trust to form with the patient. The benefits of the job must be more prevalent in the eyes of the role holder over the pressures involved, which is further helped by an attitude that is motivating too.

The key to success whilst working within care, is to always be intellectually on top of your game. Daily, split second decisions are to be made with life or death consequences. Working with vulnerable people, within often awkward and uncomfortable situations can be an emotional and physical drain on the individual, highlighting that staff within the Social Care Sector should take time to take care of themselves too.

Providing care is as much a character trait as it is a skill. An innate personality trait is required for care work as well as a genuine concern for others. As well as this, there is a huge amount of responsibility on the shoulders of the healthcare professional over the outcome of the patients. Although caring is the first and foremost trait, the role also requires a large amount of technical knowledge. The ability to administer medication, track and monitor progress with individuals and to notice any changes in a patient’s appearance, attitude, personality alongside monitoring the performance of medical procedures. Devotion of time, patience and empathy to the patient’s welfare is of great importance.

Through a career in care, employees are required to show that they are coming through not only physical needs, but through spending time and understanding exactly what their clients need, want and desire for the benefit of both themselves and their families.

Nevertheless, there are a large amount of rewards. For example, you have the ability to make a monumental difference in the lives of others through connections and relations on both a personal and intimate level, which can be extremely rewarding. Essentially, with the correct level of training received and the correct working environment,  people working within the Social Care Sector have the ability to learn new skills, keep up to date with regulations and to improve efficiency within the workplace.

Here at EDO, we have Health and Social Care Qualifications available, with a fantastic team of assessors that are available to guide each learner through their course individually. If you would like to learn more about the variation of courses available, or would like to enquire as to how you can enrol, contact us on 01543 458580.

Recruitment qualifications are to become another string to the EDO bow.

Here at EDO, we are very excited to announce that we will be one of the first providers to deliver an all new recruitment qualification at Levels 3 and 4. We are looking for recruitment companies that are interested in investing in their staff.

We know that the workforce is integral in the  running success of your business and through improving the quality of your staffing, you are adding value to your business.

There are just 50 places available, therefore to ensure that you are first in line to be a part of the launching pilot, or for more information, call 01543 458580 or email andrew.jacques@edoltd.com or holly.farrow@edoltd.com today!

Join the many businesses that are already reaping the benefits of a trained and motivated workforce, and add value to your business through highly qualified staff.

The wonderful world of networking…

We are set to embark upon the Chase B2B Networking Group‘s fortnightly meetings tomorrow morning – and we’re raring to go! Heading into the meeting with an open mind and excitement to connect with local businesses and schools; we have plenty to offer the group as visitors to the usual cohort.

The networking event will begin at 7am and during the meeting, each business will have sixty seconds to introduce themselves to the group. We have chosen to utilise our sixty seconds to enlighten the other businesses of our FREE business training MOT for February. We are offering a free service whereby we will find solutions for any skill shortage in the company. We can then further offer to source appropriate training or to train the employees in the area that skills are lacking. We then hope to arrange meetings through obtaining business cards, whom we will then contact to form appointments for consultations and to create further connections alongside in the future.

As well as introducing businesses to our MOT’s, we also hope to build a number of connections in different sectors that will be able to benefit from the qualifications and courses that we provide. After all  Sales, Marketing, Business Administration and Team Leading Qualifications expanse over a vast number of sectors and industries and there may be people that are currently employed and seeking qualifications to raise their professionalism yet the company cannot afford to supply the qualifications. This is where we come in with fully funded qualifications at your business fingertips!

Returning to our roots in the care sector to celebrate success.

Following the success of recent years here at SSC, we have decided to return to our roots and are set to launch an exciting eight week programme for a new cohort of young learners keen to enter the Social Care sector. The course will begin early February and will highlight the foundations of the care sector and enable our learners to gain an initial insight into the healthcare sector. This will be a great kick start 2013 and to get recent and upcoming school leavers on the path to a new career.

With 942,000 people aged 16-24 unemployed between August and October 2012, there is a great demand for careers for the younger generation, and with on the job qualifications and starter courses for particular industries, the chances of a position with the course behind you gives the edge above other candidates to begin working within the Social Care sector.

Learners will begin the programme this week and will build their knowledge of fundamental factors that are present in the every day challenges that the care sector brings. Our course will allow learners to gain an opportunity that will enhance personal skills to be successful in the world of work, embracing the care industry with knowledge and skills that are transferable to the workplace.

The Government is raising the age permitted to leave education, due to research into young people that continue learning or training until they are 18, gaining larger incomes and a job of higher standards. By partaking upon courses and gaining the relevant qualifications to progress further in the industry, the lasting effects are much more successful.

The course is a great opportunity to gain an advantage upon others that are applying for posts in the world of work and ebbs the chances of employment above others that have applied. This will enable them to gain experience in the work place and will put them on the path to a career.
Here at SSC-Learning, we also provide courses for those within healthcare work placements and are interested in achieving their Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care. We are fully funded and have the ability to deliver the qualification through assessors visiting learners in the workplace, and the assessors arrange a routine meeting whereby there is an observation of the learners to collaborate and enhance their portfolios, and a chance to review coursework and to support learners within their careers.

If you would like any more information on any of the courses that are coming up with us at SSC-Learning, or would like to discover more about our Care Academy eight week course, then please get in touch by calling Andy on 01543 458580.

Tips for successful business blogging

Here’s a really interesting post from James Cole, founder of the The Big Property List who has shared some of his top blogging tips with enterprise nation.

James founded his independent property portal and property advice website in 2009. The Big Property List Blog was named one of the UK’s top influencers in UK property on Twitter by Property Week and the blog has been shortlisted in the Primelocation property blog awards and named a favourite property blog by Channel Four.

He has built a large and loyal following – here’s what he advises to create an engaging business blog. We think number ten is particularly poignant – take note.

1. Start out with a WordPress blog – free and easy to set up, and progress as quickly as you can to a self-hosted WordPress.org blog. The former will help you get to grips with using this world class blogging and content management system (CMS) which can power your whole website.

2. Join the debate. Read more than you write – work out and map who the other bloggers/ influencers are in your market and what interests them and how they get traction with their readers. When you have something to add – write to them personally and give them something of value – an insight or information maybe. Build relationships. Comment constructively to other people’s blogs, do not spam.

3. Be disciplined, create a publishing schedule commit time and do it regularly, and keep doing it. It takes time to get traction and momentum.

4. Make sure your blog looks good. This doesn’t mean you have to pay for web design initially, but choose a suitable WordPress theme template that makes your writing look good.

5. Submit your blog’s RSS feed to as many directories as you can – set aside a morning/evening for this.

6. Once you get some traction, trade on it. If you have some readers, offer other bloggers guest post opportunities and once you have something to say, look for guest posting opportunities on others’ blogs.

7. Be topical. If you haven’t got any primary research or insight, comment on what people are talking about today. What’s going on in your market? How do other events effect your market – ie, the Olympics, or other events.

8. Use social media. Use Twitter and other social media platforms like Linkedin to build your own social profile, to find and interact with other people in your market, but decide on your main asset (ie, your blog) and use the other platforms to point to it.  Otherwise you may find yourself juggling too many balls and none will get the traction you need.

9. Join some forums and read what others are saying about blogging. But don’t spend too much time on this and take what you read with a pinch of salt until you’ve tried it – the official WordPress.org support forums are a good place for technical advice.

10. Don’t give up.


Meet our apprentices …

Introducing Rebecca Clifford, who is currently being put through her paces on our Social Media Marketing Apprenticeship induction.  We’ll let her tell you a bit more about that ..

Hi. I am an ambitious 18-year-old trapped in Hednesford who hopes one day to call New York City home (I’ve visited twice and immediately fell in love with the Big Apple).

I am a very passionate person, whose main love is singing.  I’ve had hours of lessons from a young age, and have already achieved many things, including performing at the NEC.

I believe in living every day like there is no tomorrow,  and have many things I want to do – such as travelling to every continent (I’m already saving…)

I love my music, everything from Arctic monkeys to The Wombats and Olly Murs. Confession – I’m a major Gleek! I love Glee – the music and the show – there, I’ve said it and I’m proud!

As for a career, I am currently undertaking a social media marketing apprenticeship, and want to work in marketing and advertising in the future.

Ideally, I’d love to work on a magazine, eventually in New York. Aim high!

I’m hoping the apprenticeship will teach me how to write in a way that people understand and want to read, and help build my confidence in my own work.

I also find the marketing side really interesting, learning about how to appeal to a large variety of people.

That’s me in a nutshell. Stay Classy.

Thanks Becky, we’ll look forward to hearing more from you as you go through your apprenticeship. And who knows, one day, we may be reading your work in the pages of glossy mags!

A future in social media maybe?

Along with bright yellow daffodils and bouncing baby lambs, Spring is also a time when students are looking at making decisions about their future and careers fairs are a great place to get more information to help you choose your future path.  We’re delighted to be exhibiting at a number of events over the next few weeks and details of where we’ll be are below.

If you are a business, or a young person who’d like to learn more about the Social Media Apprenticeship Scheme, then please come along and have a chat with either Ian, Andy or Abby.  They’ll be able to give you some more information about the programme and tell you the dates for the next available course.  Look out for us in our black logo’d polo shirts, which on the back say “Talk to us about our Social Media Apprenticeship”.

You can find us at :

  • Aston Villa Football Club, Aston, Birmingham on 12th March 2012 from 3.30pm until 7.30pm
  • Hednesford Town Football Club, Hednesford on 15th March 2012 from 2pm until 8pm
  • Fenton Manor Sports Complex, Stoke on Trent on 19th March 2012 from 2pm until 8pm

More details of the events can be found by clicking here