Recruitment apprentice or trainee? What’s the difference?


Can you tell the difference between a trainee and an apprentice? An A Level superstar with the gift of the gab from a graduate?

We recently spoke to the manager of a recruitment agency who had an advert posted online for a trainee recruitment consultant.

Having recruited for a similar sized agency locally who took on an apprentice and having a pool of excellent pre-screened candidates available , we did the logical thing and ‘specked in’ our awesome candidates.

We were met with the unexpected.

“I want a trainee not an apprentice!”

angry man pointing

Okay, okay. It wasn’t that much of an objection but we were clearly trying to offer apples to a man who wanted oranges.

So, what is the difference between an apprentice and a trainee? Here’s the facts.

The same people that apply for an apprentice vacancy apply for trainee vacancies; the talent pool and the people who apply are no different.

So to you as an employer, what’s the difference?

Does your trainee get a nationally recognised qualification that is sector specific?

NO – An edo recruitment apprentice does.

Does you pay your trainee national minimum wage or above? YES!

Do those rules apply to employing an apprentice? NO.

You can employ an edo apprentice for as little as £2.68 per hour (although we strongly encourage a little more than this)

Does the government offer a £1500 grant to take on a trainee? NO! But they do when you take on an edo apprentice. (Government funding rules apply.)

Does your trainee get a third party monthly assessment of their abilities and a unique tailored training plan to help them grow into top performing recruitment consultants?

NO – An edo apprentice does.

Does your trainee get access to Mike Walmsley’s globally acclaimed online training for free?

NO -An edo apprentice does.

Does your trainee get free membership to the Institute of Recruiters, access to the James Caan help line, legal advice and recruitment support?

No – An edo apprentice does.

Does someone advertise, recruit, vet and put forward the right trainees to you for free?

NO – edo provide a ‘soft rec to rec’ service where we advertise for you, vet candidates and only put forward the candidates we believe are right for your business. And guess what? It’s free!

As you can see, terminology separates them by meaning but advantages separate them by miles!

Some things at outset look very similar, yet one is better.

Rolex and Seiko

Apprenticeships aren’t for every business, but if we offered a Rolex for the same price as a Seiko you’d be crazy not to want to know more, right?

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