Recruitment companies, is your apprentice or trainee doing the right qualification?

A square peg in a round hole

It’s an old analogy, we know, but every day we speak with recruitment agencies that are fitting square pegs in round holes.

edo exhibited last week at the Recruitment Agency Expo in London and spoke to lots of companies about their training needs.

One man who prior to visiting the expo had already been sold on the benefits of apprentices over trainees spoke to us about our recruitment qualifications and told us he had recently taken on two apprentices

“Awesome!” We replied. “What qualifications are they doing?”

“Business administration.” He replied. “Why?”

Our reply was simply. “What does your company do?”

“We’re a recruitment agency of course.”

“What job do your apprentices do?” We asked.

“Recruitment Consultant.”

“And what qualification did you say they were doing again?” We asked.

“Business adm…ah I see what you mean!” He replied.

You wouldn’t train to be a baker to work as a doctor, so why train to do a business administration qualification when you’re a recruitment consultant?

Surprisingly many of the recruitment businesses we speak to still don’t know about the recruitment qualifications that have been available since last summer, maybe it’s because they’re still relatively new, aren’t mainstream offerings from colleges or that those offering them apprenticeships are not able to offer the relevant training and qualifications.

edo are experts in developing and providing recruitment training and qualifications and have over 20 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, our dual recruitment qualifications are testaments to that.

If like many recruitment agencies you are aware of the benefits of apprentices over trainees, have apprentices on business administration training (experiencing square peg syndrome) believing that their qualification isn’t helping them in their recruitment consultant’s role or your business to improve, then edo have a peg that fits.

Call 0203 538 3134 or 0845 2571 336 to speak to the recruitment team about our range of recruitment qualifications and see if you can switch your current apprentices from business administration to a qualification fit for purpose!