The perks of the job

What a day!

Terri-Anne (left) from Passionate Media and Abby (right) from SSC-Learning went to Birmingham City Centre on the 1st November to tell Birmingham youth about the social media apprenticeship scheme. We have many businesses in Birmingham interested in the course so we thought the best way to get people aged between 16-18 interested was to send some of our learners to Birmingham, to hand out leaflets about the course. And that’s what we did!

It was definitely an experience for them as Abby had never been to Birmingham before; she said she felt a bit like a tourist especially when Andy from SSC-Learning showed them Birmingham’s shopping districts. The city was flooded with people but there weren’t many young people there, which was unfortunate. The girls had a good day though; they discovered new shops, which they never thought existed; Oasis is now one of their favourite shops of all time!

In addition, they met Dr Dawn Harper from the TV show ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ which was there highlight of the day. She was asking questions of people in Birmingham about hygiene. Unfortunately, they were unable to be filmed due to age restrictions but they did manage to get a picture with her. Bonus!