The wonderful world of networking…

We are set to embark upon the Chase B2B Networking Group‘s fortnightly meetings tomorrow morning – and we’re raring to go! Heading into the meeting with an open mind and excitement to connect with local businesses and schools; we have plenty to offer the group as visitors to the usual cohort.

The networking event will begin at 7am and during the meeting, each business will have sixty seconds to introduce themselves to the group. We have chosen to utilise our sixty seconds to enlighten the other businesses of our FREE business training MOT for February. We are offering a free service whereby we will find solutions for any skill shortage in the company. We can then further offer to source appropriate training or to train the employees in the area that skills are lacking. We then hope to arrange meetings through obtaining business cards, whom we will then contact to form appointments for consultations and to create further connections alongside in the future.

As well as introducing businesses to our MOT’s, we also hope to build a number of connections in different sectors that will be able to benefit from the qualifications and courses that we provide. After all  Sales, Marketing, Business Administration and Team Leading Qualifications expanse over a vast number of sectors and industries and there may be people that are currently employed and seeking qualifications to raise their professionalism yet the company cannot afford to supply the qualifications. This is where we come in with fully funded qualifications at your business fingertips!