Enabling Development Opportunities Limited

Version 9 – 26/08/19
Due for Review August 2020


If you wish to make a complaint.

Wherever possible we will always try to resolve problems at their source.

If you wish to make a complaint about any of the services we offer or against a member of our staff, you should initially raise the issue with the Course Tutor or the Programme/Training Manager, should the complaint involve the tutor.

In the first instance the complaint should be raised verbally, although we may request that the complaint be put in writing so that we can identify all of the issues and set about resolving the complaint.

Complaints must all be made and dealt with on an individual basis so that an individual concerns can be dealt with in the way most suitable to their circumstances. EDO will only process complaints submitted by individuals.

The Programme/Training Manager will attempt to resolve the complaint informally, by investigating fully and speaking to all concerned. For all written complaints a letter of acknowledgement will be sent out within 5 working days. Every attempt will be made to resolve the matter and the complainant will be informed in writing of the outcome within 28 working days after the complaint has been received. All formal complaints received will be recorded and appropriate action taken.

If you are dissatisfied with the response please inform the relevant Programme/Training Manager in writing and your complaint will be referred to the Directors. You may be asked to supply further details and/or to meet with the Directors or their representative, to explain your concerns. You will be informed in writing within 15 working days of receipt of your further complaint of the action agreed by the Directors. There may be instances where due to the complexity of a complaint or the availability of the relevant persons both internally and externally that complaints take longer than the aforementioned time scale; in such instances we will write to you to make you aware of any delay to the process.