FAQs - Business

To help you quickly answer some key questions the below has been listed. If you need additional information or need clarification on any of the services we offer then please feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you.

What’s the benefit to my business of Apprenticeships?
There are a few, some more tangible and short term, others more long term, but, from our own experience of running our own apprenticeship programs we’d suggest the following:

a) Cost effective recruitment of new staff, with a lower minimum wage for the first 12 months..
b) £1500 Grants available to subsidise investment in young apprentices.
c) A ‘blank canvas’, Apprenticeships have no bad habits from previous employers.
d) Apprentices are very loyal and appreciative of their development you help them to achieve..
e) Apprentices bring energy and a ‘youthful perspective’ to the organisation.
f) You can lay claim to be doing your bit for the future of the UK economy.

If you need more reasons to take on an Apprentices, please give us a call!
How much does it cost to train my existing staff?
Well, that depends on a number of factors. Age, Previous qualifications, immigration status, level of study, etc.

We’ll look at your organization as a whole. It may be that some training delivery is without any cost to your business at all through Adult Apprenticeships, in other cases, the government Advanced Learning Loans’ can be used, they are very, very affordable, and learners don’t pay a penny until they earn over £21,000 per year. Very often we find that employers are happy to pay a few pounds a month to help out. Rest assured that edo will help you to find the most cost effective way of getting the development you need to improve your business. Get in touch to organize a business Development Needs Audit (DNA).
What do the edo Academies do for Business?
They provide a free recruitment service for businesses like yours!

Think of it like an extended interview, usually six weeks long, where candidate undergo training and take qualifications which could be of real help to your business. You get the chance to meet and talk with our learners and to interview the one who really impress you at the end of the programme. We can even design, build and brand an Academy specifically for your company. Interested? Give us a call for more information.