FAQs - Learners

To help you quickly answer some key questions the below has been listed. If you need additional information or need clarification on any of the services we offer then please feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you.

What’s the benefit to me of Apprenticeships?
We know a lot of successful young people earning good money who started as Apprentices. You get real world business experience a lot earlier than your friends who go to university, and boy, does it show!

a) Earn while you learn, and have regular pay reviews and appraisals.
b) Learn new skills and demonstrate your competence at those skills over time.
c) Get a head start over other people your age in the business world.
d) Take a degree after your advanced or Higher Apprenticeship if you want to.
I’m in work already but would like to take a new qualification or re-train…Can I do that with edo?
Absolutely! If the qualification is in line with your current job, then we’ll access funding for it if we can, and arrange with you to deliver a combined ‘knowledge/competence’ programme; that way you can learn new skills and actually use them in practice.
If you’re ineligible for funding, or you’d like to study for a knowledge based qualification that’s different to your main job, there are some brilliant new ways of paying for your learning that are so cheap you’ll barely notice. Intrigued? Give us a call and tell us about your plans!
How do edo Academies work?
We help unemployed people of all ages learn new skills, gain recognized qualifications and meet potential employers.
It’s a programme which usually lasts between four and six weeks depending on the subject your are studying and the level your studying at. Real businesses with real vacancies participate in the programme, giving talks to share their insight into the work of work and the sector in which they operate. You get the chance to meet and talk with them, ask questions and to make an impression! There is a guaranteed interview element to the programme, and, whether you win a job or not at that point, our after-care service is designed to make sure you don’t let your new skills go to waste.